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Month: May 2022

8503 Condition

Some visa holders may have an 8503 ‘No further stay’ condition attached to their visa which can cause headaches on their next application, such as a tourist, employer sponsor, student, or partner visa. The 8503 conditions will prevent you from applying for another visa whilst in Australia with out an approved waiver. It is noted […]
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Applying for a Visa while holding a Bridging Visa or after a Visa Refusal? You may need a Schedule 3 waiver.

Here at Kingsbridge Migration and Education, we a diverse caseload of files which range from tourist visas right through to the $5M Significant Investor Visa (Subclass 188/888). From such experience, we often meet clients who have applied another visa and wish to move onto a student or partner visa. Of course, we also meet clients […]
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Partner Visa Sponsor Approval Requirements

When sponsoring your partner, it is important to understand the circumstances which could affect your eligibility. Failure to address certain requirements may have serious implications for your application as the Department of Home Affairs may not necessarily understand your circumstances should your issues be left unaddressed. This would usually occur when both the applicant and […]
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