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3-year ban – Fraudulent documentation or statements.

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Should you be accused by the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) of providing false or misleading information or documents, you would be at risk of having not only your visa refused but also face a potential 3 or 10- year ban from Australia.


Such bans however are linked to temporary visas only. This means that should you wish to apply for an offshore partner visa application, you will still be considered as you have applied for both the Subclass 309 (Temporary) and Subclass 100 (Permanent) at the time of lodgement.


The PIC (Public Interest Criteria) 4020 is a regulation which should not be undermined. Our office has dealt with matters where clients have done the simplest mistakes, such as:


  • Not disclosing a previous tourist visa was refused many years ago
  • Not disclosing convictions on visa applications or on incoming passenger cards. (including traffic convictions such as drink driving)
  • Providing work references which are not true or accurate
  • Identity issues such as incorrect birthdates or names.


The department is not required to prove that such information or document has been provided, where the department can request for you to outline such circumstances based on a reasonable belief. Should you receive a Section 57 Natural Justice letter, you will be afforded 28 days to provide a legal argument and evidence to the Department.


Contact our office today should you have any concerns with any current or previous declarations in order to present a successful submission to the Department.



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