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About us

How We Started

Our Founder migrated to Australia with his Parents when he was 12 years old.  He spoke limited English and began life in a completely foreign environment and a different cultural setting. 

He soon adapted to the Australia way of life, thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine, the freedom and the space to do what he liked.  He graduated from university in Australia with degrees including Bachelor of Commerce and Laws, and Master of Laws.  He realised that migrating to Australia has given him a brand NEW OPPORTUNITY to be able to think freely, be treated EQUALLY, and receive EXCELLENT EDUCATION.​

Having practiced as a lawyer for 20 years in Australia, focusing on Civil Litigation, Commercial and Corporation Law, and Migration Law, he noticed that all migrants, regardless of how capable they are in their countries, inevitably and naturally become vulnerable in a new environment, having to speak a language foreign to them and adapt to new cultural way of life. 

New migrants are miserable when faced with decisions regarding their family welfare, their children’s wellbeing, and their livelihood.  Issues that are simple to a local resident, such as where to live, which schools are good, what investment is safe, what business can they do, etc, are all matters of uncertainties for migrants.  Some migrants, unfortunately have met the wrong people, lost money and lost their visas.    

For this purpose, KINGSBRIDGE AUSTRALIA was established – to help new migrants CONNECT with trustworthy people, MIGRATE to Australia, and INVEST safely to fulfill visa conditions.


We are focused on empowering you with the best pathways to further your studies in Australia.


40 years combined experience and successful track record.


In choosing a business for migration, priority is given to protecting your investment and ensuring migration compliance.

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