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Applying for a Visa while holding a Bridging Visa or after a Visa Refusal? You may need a Schedule 3 waiver.

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Here at Kingsbridge Migration and Education, we a diverse caseload of files which range from tourist visas right through to the $5M Significant Investor Visa (Subclass 188/888). From such experience, we often meet clients who have applied another visa and wish to move onto a student or partner visa. Of course, we also meet clients who have been refused a visa onshore and are currently awaiting an appeal with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Applicants are advised that there’s a schedule 3 provision which may limit their eligibility for a successful visa application.


The Schedule 3 provisions of the Migration Regulations 1994 will require substantial compelling and compassionate evidence to ensure you met the requirements to be granted an onshore application.  Typically, we find the following scenarios applying to our clients.


  • Student who has failed a unit and assumed that their student visa will be automatically extended where 28 days post via expiration have now lapsed.
  • An applicant on a bridging visa who now wishes to change their mind and lodge a partner or student visa
  • Previous visa was refused, and the applicant has appealed the decision at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) where they have now met the requirements for a partner visa but continue to hold a bridging visa.


Our Senior Migration Agent has worked extensively with schedule 3 waivers by presenting clear and concise compelling and compassionate submissions to the Department of Home Affairs. Should you be unaware of such circumstances, the Department of Home Affairs will issue a s56 request to provide your argument with in a 28-day deadline. Don’t get caught out and book your free initial consultation today: https://booknow.kingsbridgeaustralia.com.au/#/customer/anthony.



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