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Subclass 188B

Subclass 188B

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188)

Business Innovation stream

This provisional visa (4 year) requires you to invest at least AUD$1,500,000 for 4 years in the treasury bond of your nominating Australia State or Territory.

To be eligible:

  • Point Tested – You must scoare at least 65 points (based on your age, English competency, qualification, total net assets, business or investment experience, etc). 
  • For the past 2 years, you and/or your partner must have total net assets of at least AUD$2,250,000 million.  These assets must have been lawfully acquired and be available for transfer to Australia within 2 years from visa grant.  
  • You must have managed a qualifying business or investments to the value of at least AUD1.5million.
  • For at least 1 of the past 5 years, you have directly managed one of the following:
    • a “qualifying business” in which you and/or your partner combined had at least 10% ownership interest, or
    • a eligible investment of at least AUD$1,500,000 million owned by you and/or your partner combined.
  • You must:
    • have at least 3 years’ experience managing one or more qualifying businesses or eligible investments
    • have a successful record of eligible investment or qualifying business activity
    • have demonstrated a high level of management skill in relation to the eligible investment or qualifying business activity
  • Age limit of 55 y.o. (can be waived by State)
  • No minimum English requirement (but have to pay higher application fee)
  • You must be nominated by a State or Territory.

You may convert to a PERMANENT VISA if you have satisfied the requirements for Subclass 888B – Investor stream.


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