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Hairdresser ANZSCO 391111

Hairdresser (ANZSCO 391111)

Hairdressers cut, style, colour, straighten and permanently wave hair, and treat hair and scalp conditions. Tasks Include: providing advice on hair care, beauty products and hairstyles shampooing hair and conditioning scalps colouring, straightening and permanently waving hair with chemical solutions. cutting hair with scissors, clippers and razors styling hair into dreadlocks and braids and adding […]
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Wall and Floor Tiler 333411

Wall and Floor Tiler 333411

Wall and Floor Tilers lay ceramic, clay, slate, marble and glass tiles on external and internal walls and floors to provide protective and decorative finishes. Tasks Include: Examining plans, measuring and marking surfaces and laying out work. Preparing wall and floor surfaces by removing old tiles, grout and adhesive, filling holes and cracks, and cleaning […]
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Registered Nurse ANZSCO 2544

Registered Nurse (ANZSCO 2544)

Provide nursing care to patients in hospitals, aged care and other health care facilities, and in the community. Tasks Include Assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care for patients according to accepted nursing practice and standards Working in consultation with other Health Professionals and members of health teams, and coordinating the care of patients Providing […]
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Mechanical Engineer ANZSCO 233512

Mechanical Engineer (ANZSCO 233512)

Design, organise and oversee the construction, operation and maintenance of mechanical and process plant and installations, establish programs for the coordination of manufacturing activities, and ensure usage of resources is cost effective. Tasks include Studying functional statements, organisational charts and project information to determine functions and responsibilities of workers and work units and to identify […]
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ICT Security Specialist ANZSCO 2612112

ICT Security Specialist (ANZSCO 2612112

Plan, develop, maintain, manage and administer organisations’ database management systems, operating systems and security policies and procedures to ensure optimal database and system integrity, security, backup, reliability and performance. Tasks Include Designing and maintaining database architecture, data structures, tables, dictionaries and naming conventions to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all data master files Performing […]
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enrolled nurse

Enrolled Nurse (ANZSCO 411411)

Provide nursing care to patients in hospitals, aged care and other health care facilities and in the community, and assist parents in providing care to newborn infants under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or Midwife. Tasks Include assessing, planning and implementing nursing care for patients according to accepted nursing practice and standards providing interventions, […]
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electronic engineer

Electronic Engineer (ANZSCO 233411)

Design, develop, adapt, install, test and maintain electronic components, circuits and systems used for computer systems, communication systems, entertainment, transport and other industrial applications Tasks Include designing electronic components, circuits and systems used for computer, communication and control systems, and other industrial applications designing software, especially embedded software, to be used within such systems developing […]
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chemical engineer

Chemical Engineer (ANZSCO 233111)

Design and prepare specifications for chemical process systems and the construction and operation of commercial-scale chemical plants, supervise industrial processing and fabrication of products undergoing physical and chemical change, and investigate the properties of metals, ceramics, polymers and other materials and assess and develop their engineering and commercial applications. Tasks Include preparing designs for chemical […]
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Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer (ANZSCO 233211)

Design, plan, organise and oversee the construction of civil engineering projects such as dams, bridges, pipelines, gas and water supply schemes, sewerage systems, roads, airports and other structures; analyse the likely behaviour of soil and rock when placed under pressure by proposed structures and design structural foundations; analyse the statical properties of all types of […]
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Accountant (ANZSCO 221111)

Accountants provide services relating to financial reporting, taxation, auditing, insolvency, accounting information systems, budgeting, cost management, planning and decision-making by organisations and individuals; and provide advice on associated compliance and performance requirements to ensure statutory and strategic governance. Tasks Include assisting in formulating budgetary and accounting policies preparing financial statements for presentation to boards of […]
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