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Overview University is the highest level of education in Australia. Australia has 39 universities: 37 government-funded public universities and two private universities. Higher education courses can be taken by students to earn an advanced degree and continue their studies in Australia. There are three main types of higher education that lead to bachelor, master and […]
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Vocational Education

Overview As a student, you will benefit from vocational courses that will enable you to acquire the skills and knowledge to succeed in your chosen career. A lot of courses like that of hospitality courses, business courses, early childhood education and the course of marketing and communication which allows the students to gain real Australian […]
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Foundation Studies

Foundation programs for international students are nationally recognized programs that equip students with the skills and capabilities to seek entry into higher education in Australia. They provide an academic entry pathway into first- or second-year undergraduate studies. We advise international students to always do the foundation program before university studies as it will improve the […]
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English Courses

General English If you would like to improve your real-life English skills, a General English course is the perfect step. General English courses will help you develop language skills for real life situations – like speaking and conversation. That will help you develop the confidence to live, travel or work in Australia. You will graduate […]
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Kindergarten to Year 12 Study

Pre-Primary to Year 6 Course Codes: 0100468 (WA) 0100853 (NSW) Primary students study four core subjects: English, Mathematics, Science as well as Humanities and Social Sciences.They enjoy various other subjects such as Physical Education, Languages Other Than English (LOTE), Digital Technologies, Performing Arts (Drama, Music) and Visual Arts.Students are encouraged to ask challenging questions, critically […]
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