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University is the highest level of education in Australia. Australia has 39 universities: 37 government-funded public universities and two private universities. Higher education courses can be taken by students to earn an advanced degree and continue their studies in Australia. There are three main types of higher education that lead to bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. Teaching at universities normally takes place in large group lectures and small group tutorials.


Depending on what you’ve studied already, or your work or life experience, you have options. Contact us to discover your possible pathway.


Degrees typically take three years, but combined courses and some specific subjects can take longer.


Studying in Australia as an international student is a big financial commitment to you and our family. You will need to consider tuition fees, living costs and other expenses such as transport, resources fees, food and accommodation. International students are required to pay the tuition fee deposit as specified on the offer letter before Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is issued. Some universities offer many scholarship programmes to rewards academic excellence, supports meaningful research and enables students from all backgrounds to realise their potential. Sponsored students have their tuition fees paid by an external organisation, such as an employer.

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