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Humanitarian and Refugee Assistance

At Kingsbridge Australia, we are providing migration assistance for Australians with have family members in Afghanistan. Our Senior Migration Agent Anthony Tran (MARN – 1570221) has a strong focus in humanitarian visa cases and she feels strongly about refugee resettlement as being a child of a refugee himself.

As the situation in Afghanistan has escalated quickly. We understand the urgency. With a strong team of professionals, we are able to address every concern. If you are seeking assistance in relation to family members or friends in Afghanistan, Complete the contact form below.

As the situation is changing everyday

Australian Government has set out a priority tier system for applications;

  1. Government Workers 
  2. Immediate Family Member of Australian Permanent Residence or Citizen
  3. Sibling of Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen
  4. Family Member of Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen
  5. Proposed by Australian Community Group
  6. No Relevant Proposer

How do we handle humanitarian cases?

Our Migration Agent Anthony Tran, has vast experience in handling humanitarian cases, being the son of a refugee he understands the complexity of resettlement in Australia as a refugee.

With limited quota of humanitarian visa for Australia refugee, you must stand out amongst thousands of other applicants. Our Migration Team are able to increase your chances of success.

You must act quickly to avoid missing out on the quota.

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