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Hongkong and BNO passport holders will receive 2 new visa pathways for PERMENANT MIGRATION as of March 5th 2022,

  1. Subclass 191, which allows regional permanent residence for applicant who lived, worked and studied exclusively in designated regional area for 3 years
  2.  Subclass 189 (Hong Kong stream), will be eligable for Permanent Residence if they have continuously been a resident in Australia for at least 4 years before applying, and held a qualifying visa
  3. Subclass 485 (any stream) Hongkong and BNO passport holders will receive 5 years upon graduating in a course designated on the Medium to Long term occupation list and Short Term Skilled Occupation List.
  4. Subclass 482 (any stream) will receive 5 years work visa if applicants can prove 2 years work experience in the respective occupation
The changes that are in place will provide Hongkong and BNO passport holders of a pathway to Migration even if they fall into any of the Short Term Stream Occupations such as

Insurance Broker


Web designer

Education Advisors


Pastry Cook and Cooks

Enrolled Nurse

If you were a previous student or currently studying in Australia and have work experience on the list Here

Please contact us immediately for a migration pathway plan back to Australia!

Contact us Immediately and we will provide a Free Migration Plan For Hong Kong or BNO passport holders!

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