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Webinar Recording | Three Things You Must Know About Partner Visa

What Partner Visa Stream should I choose?


  • 12 months evidence unless registered (not available in Western Australia)

Origin of Passport

  • ETA Travel Visa
  • 8503 condition – No Further Stay


  • Prospective Marriage visa will cost more, however will allow applicant to arrive onshore
  • Onshore – Ability to work

Processing Time

  • Onshore and Offshore applications processing time are the same
  • Onshore applications processed by WA office
  • Offshore applications are processed by an Australian Embassy
    • Do the case officers understand everything? Be clear with your evidence
  • Prospective marriage delays Permanent Residency
    • PR 801 or 100 is 2 years POST lodgement of stage 1

Part 1. Types of Partner Visas

Part 2. The 4 Pillars of a Relationship – Evidence Required

Part 3. Complications and Case Studies

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