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Parent Visa

Parent Visas and Travel Exemptions  

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As COVID19 as caused seperation of family members, Australia has decided to add Parents to the travel exemption list.

From November 1st 2021,  Parents of Permanent residents and Citizens are now classified as “immediate family members” in respect to Travel Exemptions.  This includes Biological Parents, Legal (Adoptive) Parents, Step-Parents and Parent in-law

Note. that Australian citizens and Permanent residence must show evidence to the relationship between their parents.

Parent Visa Categories

There are 6 subclasses of Parent visas which is broken into 2 major groups Contributory and Non-contributory. Non-contributory visas are subject to a Cap-Queue system which current processing times are 25 to 30 years. Contributory visas have a shorter processing time frame but is highly expensive.

To manage the cost applicants may choose to apply for the temporary option prior to the permanent option to break the cost of the Application fees.

 How Kingsbridge Australia can assess your application

  1. Assess the Family Balance Test requirements of Parent
  2. Manage the Documentation Requirements 
  3. Kingsbridge Standard of Proof for Partner

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